29 October 2010

29 .10.10 ~ thanks to my nuffy frenz!

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Salam Semua,

hari ni mamaG gi kursus, tak jauh mana pon, area sini-sini juga... tapi memandangkan ari ni hari jumaat sempat la juga mamaG on( n blogwalk blog kwn2 lain..

Tadi, mamaG bukak akaun nuffy mamaG, almaklumlah dah lama tak tengok. Nak tau jugak kan, ada perubahan ker tak.  Alhamdulillah, rezeki dari nuffy, dpt BE, ME dan CPM. Semua ni pun dengan bantuan kawan2 nuffy yang lain juga kan, TErima kasih semua..
MamaG akan balas jasa korang yang rajin tul lawat blog mamaG n bg komen. Insya Allah, mamaG akan cuba tingkatkan lg kerajinan ni utk lawat korang pulak ya..

Kat atas tu sempat la juga mamaG print screen kan, kawan2 yang lawat blog mamaG untuk hari ini direct from nuffy web. thanks all...

New myred eye team in da house!

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28 October 2010

Fish and Vegetable Porridge

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Recipe by Amy Beh


1/2 cup rice, washed and soaked for 30 minutes
2½ cups water
75g fish fillet, diced
40g shredded potato
40g broccoli, coarsely chopped
40g carrot, shredded


Put rice in a saucepan, add in water and simmer until rice grains are soft and mixture is fairly dry.  Steam fish, potato, carrot and broccoli until cooked and soft.  Pour steamed ingredients into the soft cooked porridge. Remove porridge out and puree according to your desired consistency then serve.

This porridge is ideal for babies 6–10 months old. For babies 12 months onwards, the porridge need not be pureed.

Cinnamon Raisin Pretzels

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Recipe by Amy Beh

150ml lukewarm milk
1 1/2 tsp instant dried yeast
1/4 tsp sugar
A little plain flour
100g butter, melted
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp salt
325g high protein flour
50g raisins

Glaze (beat together):
1 egg yolk
A pinch of salt
1 tsp milk

Sugar syrup:
275g sugar
1 1/2 cups water

Cinnamon sugar (mix well):
125g fine castor sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon powder


Pour half the lukewarm milk in a small bowl and stir in instant dried yeast and sprinkle with sugar and flour. Leave aside for 10 minutes to froth. Combine melted butter, egg and salt in a small bowl.

Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl. Make a well in the centre and pour in yeast mixture, combined butter egg mixture, raisins and remaining milk.

Mix to form a soft dough then turn dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead for about 10 minutes or until texture is springy and smooth. (Wweight of the dough should be 600g.)
Put dough into a lightly floured bowl and cover with a clean, damp tea-towel and leave aside for 1 hour or until it grows double in size.

Turn dough onto a floured surface and knock out the air, then knead for two minutes.

Cut out a piece of dough for shaping, keeping the rest covered to prevent it from drying out.

To shape the pretzel, roll the dough under your palms into a sausage shape then keep rolling into a long strip of about 65cm long. Bring the ends round; give a twist in the centre and cross over and then take them up to the top of the circle. Give a spacing of about 4cm apart, then press it in position.

Place on a piece of clean tea towel. Shape the rest of the dough into pretzels similarly. Hold the pretzels with both hands and dip right into a basin of water. (It is done to moisten the pretzels.) Take out immediately and place on a tea towel.

Place the damp pretzels on greased trays. Brush with egg glaze and bake in a preheated oven at 230°C for four to five minutes or until golden in colour.

Finish up baking the rest of the pretzels. Turn pretzels out onto a wire rack immediately after baking and dip into sugar syrup, then coat with cinnamon sugar. Pretzels are ready for serving.
To make sugar syrup: Bring ingredients to a boil until sugar is dissolved, then leave aside to cool completely before using.

Apple Cinnamon Roll

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Recipe by Amy Beh


1 Granny Smith apple
15g castor sugar
1/4 tsp salt
15g butter
240g high protein flour
40g plain flour
2 tbsp milk powder
1/2 tsp bread improver
9g instant dried yeast
50g castor sugar
20g butter
85g lukewarm water
85g lukewarm fresh milk
20g melted butter for brushing
Cinnamon powder and icing sugar combined
Glaze (beaten)
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp water


For the filling: Skin, core and dice apple. Melt butter in a non-stick pan. Add the apple, sugar and salt. Cook for 4–5 minutes until apple turns slightly soft. Puree the cooked apple in a food processor.
For the dough: Sift flour into a large mixing bowl. Stir in milk powder, bread improver, sugar and yeast. Make a well in the centre and pour in combined milk mixture and butter. Mix to form a soft dough.
Knead the dough for about 10–12 minutes until no longer sticky to the touch. Place dough in a covered bowl to rise until double in bulk. This takes about 30–40 minutes.
Punch down the dough. Roll out on a floured surface into a flat rectangular sheet. Brush lightly with melted butter. Sprinkle with combined cinnamon powder and icing sugar. Apply a light layer of apple puree. Sprinkle with a little more of the cinnamon powder mixture. Roll up tightly.
Cut into 6 equal portions. Place each portion into an aluminium tart casing. Leave aside to prove until double in size.
Bake in a preheated oven at 190°C for about 15 minutes. Immediately after baking, brush the rolls with beaten egg yolk and sprinkle lightly with icing sugar.

Choc-chip Hazelnut Cookies

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Recipe by Amy Beh

135g butter
125g soft brown suga
3/4 tsp vanilla essenc
1 egg yolk
175g plain flour
1 tbsp rice flour
1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/4 tsp baking powder
40g sultanas
50g chocolate chips
40g hazelnuts, chopped


Preheat oven to 180°C. Grease baking trays lightly with corn oil.  Cream butter, sugar, essence and egg yolk until light and creamy. Fold in sifted flours, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder and add in hazelnuts, sultanas and chocolate chips. Mix well to combine. Shape teaspoons of the mixture into small limesized balls. Place balls on prepared trays and gently flatten the tops with the back of a spoon. Bake for 16–18 minutes or until golden brown. Leave the cookies in the tray for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Oatmeal with Sweet Potato & Cinnamon

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Recipe by Stacy Dong

This is one of the easiest and fastest meals that I have made so far.

Yield: 1 serving

1 tbsp of organic rolled oats
1 tbsp of cubed organic sweet potato, steamed
1 dash of organic ground cinnamon
1/4 cup of water or as much as needed

I freshly grind the organic rolled oats (for faster cooking and softer texture) and cook it with 1/4 cup of water under medium to low heat until the oats are soft and the desired thickness is achieved.
All this would only take 10-15 minutes. I usually let it simmer at low heat for a longer period just because I like it softer and mushier for Z.

When it's cooked, I add the sweet potato cubes (which I have steamed the day before) and finish the meal off with a dash of cinnamon.

The nuttiness from the freshly cooked oats, the sweetness of the sweet potato and the aromatic smell of the cinnamon make this meal a great start to Z's busy day.

I like to use rolled oats because they are purest in form. The less processed they are, the more nutrients they would retain.

Egg Soup Combo

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Serves 1-2

  • 1 medium organic egg

  • 1 clove of organic garlic, finely slivered

  • 1 tbsp of finely chopped organic onions

  • 1 tbsp of organic wakame

  • 1 cup of organic cauliflower or any other vegetables, chopped & blanched

  • 1 tsp of organic virgin coconut oil

  • 1 -1.5 cups of hot water

Heat up a pot/pan under medium-low heat and add the virgin coconut oil, garlic and onions. Fry for 3-5 minutes until the onions have turned translucent. Add in the blanced cauliflower and stir fry for a minute. Add in the hot water & wakame and let boil. At the meantime, beat the egg and slowly pour it into the soup while stirring it in a circle (in order to achieve a thin & silky egg texture). Let the whole mixture boil under medium-low heat for 2-3 minutes. Serve over warm rice.

Cheesy Summer Broccoli Risini

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Serves 2-4

  • 1/2 cup of organic broccoli florets

  • 1/2 cup of organic risini pasta; which means little seed is rice-like, similar to orzo

  • 1 cup of homemade broth/water

  • 1 tbsp of shredded organic cheddar or any hard cheese*

Place the risini, broccoli and homemade broth/water in a pot and bring to boil before turning down the heat to a medium-low heat and simmer. Cook for approximately 6-10 minutes or until the risini has fully absorbed the broth/water and the broccoli is soft and tender. Transfer everything to a bowl and top it off with the cheese.

* It is usually recommended that cheese is to be introduced to babies with no known/suspected dairy allergy between 8-10 months of age. If your baby has known/suspected dairy allergies, you may want to wait till s/he is a little older & always consult your pediatrician.

The "safest" types of cheeses are Cottage cheese, ricotta, cream cheese, and hard cheeses like cheddar and parmesan. Buy organic cheese to make sure that the cows were not given antibiotics, hormones or pesticide-treated feed. And buy always full fat as they need fat & fatty acids for brain development amongst other things. I personally would avoid processed cheese, e.g American cheese as they contain addictives and preservatives.

Mango, Apple & Oatmeal

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The mangoes are in season and they are beautifully sweet and plum.

Serves 1-2

  • 1/4 cup of organic rolled oats
  • 1 medium size organic apple
  • 3-4 tbsp of ripe organic mango, mashed
  • A dash of cinnamon
  1. Wash, core and cut the apple into 4s. Place the bowl of apple in a pot of water and bring to boil. Steam under medium high heat for 10-15 minutes or until the apple is fork tender. Make sure the pot is tightly covered to ensure no loss of nutrients during steaming.
  2. Place the rolled oats with 1/2- 3/4 cups of water in a pot and bring to boil. Turn the heat down to medium low heat and let it simmer until it reaches the thickness that is desired.
  3. When the apple is done, separate the skin and the apple. Mash the apple with a fork.
  4. Place the oatmeal, apple and mango in a bowl and mix. Top the dish off with a dash of cinnamon.
Tip: This is a great dish for some self spoon-feeding practice. The oatmeal is thick enough to stay on the spoon even when it's turned upside down and side-to-side.

Start school at 6 vs 4 years old

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Posted by: Brigitte Rozario @

Should your children start going to kindergarten at the age of six or four? When we were children, most of us started going to kindergarten only at six, one year before entering primary school.

These days, however, children have been known to start at age four or even three. What age is too young, and should children start school so early? Should we be worried about the consequences of them starting so early?

Yasmin Emi

Yasmin Emi, mother of four:

I went to kindergarten at age six. However, my kids started kindergarten at 4. I had my reasons. My eldest started school at six. My second and third I sent at four years old because we didn't have a maid so I put them there to pass the time. Actually at my company, we have a nursery for children. I could have put them there the whole day - it's not a problem. It's for children from babies till 12 years old. But I felt my children were a bit bored. So, we decided to put them in the nursery for half a day and the other half a day they went to the kindergarten. The kindergarten accepts children from age four but of course they don't teach that early. It's only when the children reach six years old that they really start teaching them more.

I think it's up to the individual if they want to send their children to school from age four or six. But for me, I think they should start at age five. Four is too early actually and I feel the syllabus is almost the same for the four and five-year-olds. There's not much difference. It's just singing, painting and teaching them to mix with the other kids.

Our youngest son is a special child. He is hyperactive. He is classified as an OKU (disabled person) and the government has a special preschool for children like him. He went to that preschool as well as a kindergarten. At the special preschool he learnt more about painting as well as how to be more independent and do things on his own. At the kindergarten he learnt about writing, singing and art. In his first year there was no impact. In his second year, at age five, he became the example child at the kindergarten because he made such progress. My son was there from age four until he turned seven. Am I being harsh as a mother to send my child to kindergarten for four years? I don't think so because that kindergarten motivated him to go to school and learn.

My son improved so much. I'm happy because now he can read and write.

There are two categories of children. Those who are not slow and those who are slow. If they start at six years old, those who are not slow can catch up. For those who are slow like my son, it's better to start at four years old.

I think, on average most parents in the city send their children to school early because they don't want to be left out because the other parents are sending their children early now.

Mazniha Mohd Ali Noh

Mazniha Mohd Ali Noh, mother of four:

My mum was a primary english teacher, so I did not go to kindergarten. Instead I followed my mum to her school where I sat at the back of the class from age five. She said I did well and got number 10 in the class considering I was only five. Basically, I was in Standard 1 at age five!

For my own children - Jasmin, Dahlia and Lily started kindy at three years old. I think it's okay as children nowadays are more advanced than we were due to the exposure to the TV, computer etc.

I think three years old is the the right age to start sending children to school. It's not too early and it is scientifically proven too. It teaches the children not so much of academic but also social skills, friendship, sharing and that the world does evolve around us there are others too.

Children today are starting school earlier because they are more advanced. Parents have no choice really. As parents we try to provide for them so they can cope well along with others. Especially now that the environment is changing and becoming more competitive, with global challenges, it's going to be tougher. We have to brace ourselves and get our children ready for the future.

I am more worried about the consequences of not sending them to school early and the consequences of them not studying enough!

I am not a studious person, so for me I think the solution is to work hard and play harder. You have to strike a balance. Life is short. Yes one must study to get good grades. That's the beginning of life. Yes, getting a good job means getting a good salary but one must be happy. Money is not everything because money is never enough.

I agree that children nowadays lose a lot on not being able to have fun ... good, innocent fun that we used to have those days. Why? Because of the rat race. So, we parents make them study so they can get good grades, good university, good job. We do it with good intentions but sometimes we get carried away!

Children should be allowed to have time to be children, fun time as children because that is the only time a person can have for him/herself, because once they grow up and have their own family, then their time is not their own anymore. They will not be able to regain the lost childhood so don't make them grow up too fast and have no childhood at all.

Spank vs no spanking?

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Posted by: Brigitte Rozario  @

Is it okay to spank or cane your child? It's an age-old question. Some people believe that if you spare the cane, you will spoil the child. Others advocate there is never a good enough reason to resort to hitting, spanking or caning the child.

Let's see what two people say about this issue.

Audrey Lee (not her real name), mother of three girls aged seven to 13:

I do spank my children but it's extremely rare. It's only on occasions when they simply do not listen and it could endanger them. In such situations, I would spank them there and then. It's a good way to discipline them so they learn to respect the laws and rules.

I would usually spank them on the bum and hands - not hard enough to leave any scars yet painful enough that they will think twice before being naughty or disobedient again in future.

Naturally I feel bad about spanking them - they are my babies, after all!

In general, I don't think that girls should be spanked less than boys just because they are girls. But, I think girls do get spanked less simply because they are usually less robust and more well behaved than boys.

I myself was occasionally spanked as a child and I think it should be done when they really do not listen and if the consequences could be detrimental to them.

Spanking is always a last resort. It is always better to explain to them why they shouldn't do something.

I don't spank them anymore because they're now big enough to understand when I explain to them why they should not misbehave.

Ruth Liew

Child developmentalist, parenting author and Star columnist Ruth Liew:

I would never tell parents that it's okay to spank if they can't help it or if they feel they have to, because I know there are people out there who can't control themselves and they go overboard.

You have to ask yourself, does caning or spanking ever work in the long run? After so many years in this field, I want parents to start thinking for themselves and ask themselves 'Is it really that bad that I have to punish my child or cane him? Are there any other solutions or anywhere else I can turn?'

For example, if you're stuck in the house with a child who is very active and you try to discipline the child and you get very upset with the child and with yourself. Sometimes, you don't want people to keep telling you that you're not doing a good job, or your husband to tell you that you're not being firm. So, you have all of these other things coming into play. Then you say, 'Okay, I'm going to just do it. Once and for all spank my child just to make sure he knows what he's doing is wrong.'

Is that going to help him? Are you spanking for his own good or is it for you?

I want parents to think about it - is your child a criminal that you should lock him in the bathroom or spank him?

Think about it - this little tiny toddler can really create big problems. But he is small enough that you can lift him up, take him elsewhere and tell someone 'I really can't handle him. Can you take him for a few days? I'm sorry, I just can't do it. I need a break.' Come back later and look at the situation again.

Or you can remove your child from that situation, make sure he's safe and tell him 'I'm not going to deal with you now. I'm going to walk away and have a cup of tea and I'll come back to deal with you later.'

When you remove yourself from that anger and that hot situation, you come back and say 'Hey, you know, I'm sure he'll never do it again and to ensure that, I'm removing that item from the house.'

We have choices - we can inflict pain or we can talk; we can punish or we can talk.

I used to talk to my daughter and explain to her why a particular behaviour is not acceptable rather than spank her. And, because she grew up that way, she now doesn't understand why parents hit their children when they have other choices.

You have to see the bigger picture. It's not just about hitting. It's easy to talk about hitting - you hit the child, he stops doing whatever he was doing and that's it. In our parents' time, they had no choice. They didn't know any better then. Now, we know better.

Don't you have any other ideas than using the cane?

The anti-spanking group will say there is research to back them up while the spanking group says there are studies to show that not everybody turns out bad because of spanking.

Whether you say it's the right thing to do or not, you need to consider whether the person spanking the child is doing it for the right reasons or if they're doing it to release tension.

If you really don't agree with spanking, then walk away. Although the urge to spank or hit is there, you can walk away just like you can walk away from any temptation.

I used to tell parents that instead of moving towards their child - because they have to move forward to hit the child - take one step backwards and take five minutes before doing anything. Then ask yourself, do I want to do it? If you take time to ask yourself this question, then your anger will subside a little bit, you'll feel more in control, you'll feel more reasonable, then the chances of you hurting the child will be less.

Bottle or breast?

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Posted by: Brigitte Rozario @

Both the bottle and breast offer conveniences and drawbacks for breastfeeding mums. Feeding straight from the breast means you don't have to deal with bottles or sterilisers; all you need is you and your baby. However, that also means you can't go far from your baby.

The bottle, on the other hand, offers freedom for the mum who can express her milk and store it for someone else to feed baby later.

Which is better?

Heidi Shamsuddin

Mum of three Heidi Shamsuddin says:

“All three of my children were breastfed for the first six months or so. When my eldest daughter was six months old, I had to go back to work so I expressed the milk and filled it in the bottle for her. But she refused to take it. She would actually wait until I came back from work. So she would not feed from 8am till about 7pm. Thankfully, this didn't go on for long because shortly after that she went to the child minder who introduced her to formula milk. She liked the formula from the bottle but she just didn't like my milk from the bottle. It was the same with my second child – he too wouldn't take my expressed milk from the bottle.

For the third child, I found it difficult to continue breastfeeding because I had started a business. It was very difficult to stay home and continue breastfeeding him. By about three months I had to go back to work so I would breastfeed him when I was home but supplement that with formula from the bottle.

I did try giving him my milk from the bottle but it didn't work. For some reason, all my children preferred my milk at the source.

I prefer breastfeeding to bottle feeding because it's easy – you don't have to sterilise anything; if you go out you don't have to carry any bottles. The down side is you are very much tied to your baby especially when your baby is very young and is feeding every two to three hours. That means, if you need to go out you only have the two or three hours to go out and then you have to come back home for the next feed. It's quite a strain and that's why it's difficult for working mothers.

It's a bit difficult when you're breastfeeding in public the first time. You're very conscious but by the third child you won't care anymore. Whether you get looks from those around you depends on where you are. If you're in a family-friendly cafe, then you wouldn't. You would choose where you breastfeed, after all - find more private places. For example, if you walk into a cafe, you would head to a corner to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding works better for the mother for the early stage when you have to have baby near you anyway and you have to be there. But, eventually when the baby is bigger I think the bottle is more convenient because then other people can feed the baby, too. The onus is not just on the mother.”

Juliana Benedict with daughter Ellie

Juliana Benedict, mother of an infant, says:

“Due to a difficult delivery, the hospital started my baby off on formula without consulting me in advance. When I returned home, she was already on 3 ounces of milk per feed which was what she was getting at the hospital nursery. Although I tried to breastfeed for 40 minutes each time, she was still crying for more. I then decided to top up each feed with formula milk.

A total switch was only done when Ellie was 2 months plus. I had gone back to work and way before that I had not been producing much. She used to fuss and cry at my breast when I tried to breastfeed her when I came home from work.

I would have preferred to breastfeed her exclusively if it was possible. It gave us the opportunity to bond and be close. In addition, breastfeeding is definitely more convenient - no bottles, formula, hot water, boiled water, etc.

My mum had encouraged me to breastfeed, and so did most people I knew.

I even bought a breast pump three days after I returned from the hospital. If I could have produced more milk, I would have continued to breastfeed regardless if I was going back to work or not.

In my opinion, breastfeeding is better for both the mother and baby. Unfortunately, we didn't have much of an option. However, we're still doing fine with the bottle. Ellie is healthy and thriving well.”

Safety for tots

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      There’s no escaping the truth. If your baby is going to travel by car, you’re going to need a car seat – even for a short drive.

      There are two basic options: An infant carrier (which has a handle and can be lifted in and out of the car with your baby in it – great when your baby’s asleep) or a combination seat (which stays permanently fixed in the car and is used rear-facing at first, then turned to face front as your child grows).
You may find an infant carrier you like as part of your pushchair plus, or fall in love with a particular style. Whichever you end up choosing, don’t buy a unit without asking the assistant to check if it works and fits in your car.

Here are some common questions that parents face when buying a child car seat:

What are the different types of car seats for infants and children?
Car seats are divided into different groups. It’s the weight of your child that is important, not necessarily the age. If your baby is below or above the recommended weight range for the seat, it may not offer the full protection. (See graphic below for types of car seats.)


How do I choose the right car seat for my child?
If you want to be able to carry your sleeping baby from car to house or supermarket trolley, go for an infant carrier (Group 0+). These have a handle and are usually lightweight, so they can be removed from the car and carried around, and used indoors as a rocker. You can buy it as part of a travel system with the bonus that it snaps into your pushchair chassis.
These are good until your baby weighs 13kg (usually about 12 months old) but you'll find the baby carrier difficult to lift and manoeuvre after about six months.
If you want a fixed car seat, you'll want a combination car seat (also called Group 0+/1). These are larger and costlier, but can be used from birth until your child is around four years old.

Like a toddler car seat, these stay strapped (or fixed) in the car, initially rear-facing, then swivelled to face the front when your child weighs 9kg or can sit unaided.

If a childminder or grandparent will be taking your baby out and about, you need to check if the car seat will fit in their car too, and they need to practise fitting it in. The portable (Group 0+) seats will fit most cars, but Group +/1 may prove more tricky.

What sort of certification should I look for?
All car seats must be produced in accordance with the new European Safety Standard ensuring maximum safety and comfort. They are approved to the United Nations Regulations ECE R44 standard.

Can my child be in her or his car seat but in the front passenger side?
If your car has an airbag (as most cars do these days), your baby must go in the back seat - inflated airbags can be lethal to babies. Some airbags can be disabled, but you need to check this with the manufacturer of your car. Side airbags are no problem.

Why can't I just strap my child in without a child car seat?
A car seat is a must-have to transport your baby. It's the safest way to travel with your precious little cargo.

Children are more vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident. A baby's skull is thinner than an adult's. As such, head injuries to babies are frequently more serious.

A child's neck and pelvis are also vulnerable parts of the body when an accident happens. If your child is not in a child car seat, the seat belt can slip up and damage his or her internal organs.

Child seats are very expensive, is there a way I can minimise the cost involved?
You can go for the combination car seat. This may be costlier, but they are larger and have a longer life, lasting from birth until your child is around four years old.

You may then change to a highback booster without harness or booster seats. These are suitable from 15kg to 36kg (from approximately four to 11 years). Toddler/child and seat are secured in the car by the adult seat belt. The seat raises the child to enable the adult seat belt to fit more securely, safely and comfortably. The extra height also gives a better view, helping to relieve boredom/travel sickness.

What is the law in Malaysia regarding children in car seats?
There is no enforcement law in Malaysia yet. However, keeping your little one safe and comfy in transit is vital.

Car safety checklist
1. Always buy the right car seat for your child's weight.

2. Replace the car seat as soon as your child grows out  of it.

3. Install the seat according to the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Never use a car seat where an airbag is fitted.

5. Use the car seat for every car journey, however short.

6. Check that the car seat is firmly in position every time you use it.

7. Check that the harness is firm. You should be able to get only two fingers between the straps and your child's chest.

8. If anyone else is driving your child around, make sure they know how to fit and use the car seat correctly.

9. Never leave your baby in the car unattended.
Answers provided by Mothercare.



Mothercare and ParenThots are currently running a safety contest at Five lucky readers will win a Mothercare Sevile Star child car seat worth RM699. The prizes are sponsored by Mothercare.

What to eat during pregnancy?

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Watch what you eat during pregnancy. There should be balance, moderation and variety.


If you are pregnant and decide to do a search on the Web on what to eat and what not to eat, you will find a lot of articles. Some of these articles may even contradict each other. Who should you listen to and what can you eat?

For starters, when in doubt, ask your gynaecologist. He or she would be the best person to answer all your questions. Don't be afraid to ask even if you think it's a silly question. If your gynae is reluctant to answer properly, find another gynae who is.
If you can't wait for the next visit to ask all your questions, then read on.


Medical & Scientific Affairs Manager at Danone Dumex Malaysia, Tan Ee Ping, a nutritionist by training, helps answer some questions on the matter.

Tan: 'Start leading a healthy life three months before you're actually pregnant.'



Is it okay to only start watching what you eat when you find out you are pregnant?
There is a common thought that once the doctor says 'Congratulations! You're pregnant', you start changing everything – your lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits. The truth is once you and your partner decide to start a family you have to start changing your lifestyle and eating habits because you wouldn't know when you would get pregnant.
A general rule is to start leading a healthy life and eating healthily three months before you're actually pregnant. Three months is how long it takes to store up the nutrients in your body.

What can you eat when pregnant?
Basically a lot of people are very worried if they can eat this or that. The general rule is that you can eat almost anything that you have been eating but of course you need to eliminate alcohol and stop smoking.

You just have to keep in mind these three things: Balance, moderation and variety.

So, you can eat all the healthy food in balance, in moderation (that means don't eat only fruits and vegetables if your doctor asks you to eat more of these) and have a variety (this means don't eat oranges and no other fruit just because it is high in Vitamin C).

Eat different types of food because different foods will give you different nutrients. There is no one food or fruit that can give you everything. So you should have a variety in your diet.
You should look at a picture of the food pyramid – at the base there's the carbohydrates and on top of that are the fruits and vegetables, then the protein, followed by milk and dairy, and finally the fats and oils. You should follow the food pyramid and as long as there is balance you are fine.

We also encourage people not to take food that is very white in colour. Instead of white bread, take wholemeal bread. Instead of white rice, take brown rice.

Go towards the natural foods which are not so polished and not so processed.

We have heard that mothers should have quality food in the first half of the pregnancy and quantity in the second half. Is this true?
You should have quality and quantity in your diet throughout the pregnancy. The point is not to eat more but to eat the nutrients that you need.

It is not about how many plates of rice you should eat but how many nutrients you should consume and whether there is a balance and whether you are getting everything.

So, quality and quantity should go hand in hand throughout the pregnancy.

How important is folic acid?
Usually, folic acid is something that the doctors will prescribe. You can also get it from milk and vegetables but if your doctor gives you the folic acid supplement you should really take that.
Deficiency in folic acid can cause severe damage to the baby's central nervous system. That's when they can get spina bifida or neural tube defects. In severe cases the baby can be paralysed and suffer from incontinence when they are born.

Folic acid is very important. It helps you make new cells for your body and your baby's body. It also helps you to make red blood cells. You lose a lot of blood during delivery so it's very important to take folic acid.

If you are planning to get pregnant, you should already start taking folic acid.

There is the initial and critical stage during pregnancy where the baby's internal organs are developing. From Week 2 to Week 8, the heart and central nervous system are actively developing. If during that time you do not get enough of the nutrients that you need, you can never reverse it later by taking a lot of the nutrients after that period has passed. It's too late. They call it a critical window of development.

That's why we encourage people to start taking folic acid even before they are pregnant.

If you have not been taking folic acid, then you should immediately see the doctor once you suspect you are pregnant and if the doctor detects that you are indeed pregnant, he or she will prescribe the supplements needed.

How about calcium and iron?
Calcium and iron can be obtained from milk and green leafy vegetables like spinach. Iron is important to make blood. Calcium is also important but it's especially important during the second and third trimesters. The first trimester is when the baby's body is being formed. The second trimester is the building period – whatever is formed is now built. The third trimester is the storage period.

So, if the baby is born premature hopefully he or she would have enough nutrients by then. Especially during this storage period, the baby consumes a lot of calcium to make their bones and teeth. If the mother is not consuming enough calcium then the baby will get the calcium from the mother's bones. This might affect the mother later in life when she's old as it might be one of the reasons why she develops osteoporosis.

Should you have small and frequent meals?
Small and frequent meals are recommended for pregnant women as well as everyone else, too. We should all be taking small but frequent meals. Pregnant women should have three meals and two healthy snacks in between.

For pregnant women who experience a lot of morning sickness, it is even more important for them to eat. They shouldn't think that they cannot eat because they are throwing up so much. If they don't eat their body isn't getting additional nutrients.
Even if you throw up, continue taking small meals. It's good to snack in between meals otherwise you won't get all the nutrients you need if you're throwing up a lot.

Is there a cut-off time when you should stop eating to allow time for the food to digest? Is it okay to snack after dinner?
We encourage people to end their last meal for the day at least four hours before they go to bed. So, if you go to bed at 11pm, you should stop eating at 7pm.

For pregnant women, if after dinner they feel uneasy and they are vomiting, then it's good to take something, a healthy snack, before they go to bed.

Should you give in to cravings?
A lot of times your diet can change quite a bit. You could begin craving food that you have not been enjoying or even food that you used to hate.

So, a lot of times pregnant women are advised to go easy. You can take these foods but take them in moderation.
If you realise that you suddenly like durian, don't go all out to eat a lot of durian. You can take durian but in moderation.

How much should you eat if you're having twins or triplets?
Usually if you're carrying twins, triplets or more, the babies are born earlier and they are smaller. In these cases, we suggest you follow the doctor's advice because the doctor will scan and check and detect any abnormalities. So, you really have to follow the doctor's advice on how much to eat.

How much of weight should you gain? Should you be worried if you've gained too much weight?
Don't be overwhelmed if you were a normal weight mother before pregnancy and now at Month 8 you have already gained 16kg; don't diet from Month 8 to Month 9. You can still continue to eat as you have been doing. As long as the doctor tells you that everything is normal, you shouldn't worry.

Any time during your pregnancy is not a good time for you to go on a diet, even if you are obese. Some people are very worried that they won't be able to lose the excess weight after delivery. You should not go on a diet. You should be more worried if the food you eat is nutritious or not.

Some books say one glass of red wine and one cup of coffee a day is okay. Is this correct?
Alcohol is a strict no-no. Caffeine is fine up to 200mg – that is about two cups a day. That covers all caffeine, not just coffee. So, if you've taken two cups of coffee don't go and have a glass of teh tarik (tea) and a carbonated drink, as well. Green tea also has caffeine so watch how many cups you take.

Caffeine may retard the growth of the baby and in some cases it may lead to an early delivery. So, don't try to go beyond two cups of caffeinated drinks. If you can go without caffeine, then good.
It's also better to make your own coffee than to take the 3-in-1 coffee which is high in sugar. When you make your own coffee, you can control how much sugar you add.

How about herbal teas and remedies?
A lot of gynaecologists advise pregnant women to be very cautious with herbal teas and remedies. If you're not careful, some of these herbal remedies may lead to heavy bleeding. Especially avoid dong quai as it has been known to cause bleeding.

Chinese herbal remedies are not encouraged because the data on them is still not proven at this stage.

What can you take if you're not taking coffee, tea and carbonated drinks?
Fruit juices, plain water and milk. These are more healthy alternatives to the caffeinated drinks.

In fact, with regards to fruit juices we don't encourage pregnant women to take the carton drinks that can be bought in the supermarket. We encourage them to make fresh juices because of the high sugar content.

But even these you have to take in moderation because of the sugar content. You can't just decide to have three glasses of watermelon juice today. It is a very unhealthy way of consuming a healthy drink.

Is it okay to take artificial sweeteners?
Artificial sweeteners are not encouraged for anybody, actually. You can take normal sugar, blackstrap molasses or brown sugar. These are healthier choices; just remember to limit your intake.
Artificial sweeteners contain chemicals that may sometimes lead to headaches. So it is not encouraged unless the person is diabetic and has to take an alternative to sugar.

What should you not eat?
You have to stop eating raw food – sushi, sashimi and others – as it may contain some bacteria and can cause food poisoning. If you really are craving Japanese food, go for smoked salmon or grilled fish.

No raw fish, shell fish (oysters, raw prawns, raw crabs) – these are some of the foods we say you really cannot eat! Cooked shellfish is okay but again don't take too much as it could be high in cholesterol or certain proteins.


Unpasteurised milk or dairy products is another real no-no. This includes blue cheese. Do not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables. No raw eggs or half-boiled eggs either. Better to have fried or hard-boiled eggs.

The risk for all of these is food poisoning because there could be some bacteria in these foods when they are not cooked or half cooked or not washed properly.

Are there any fish to avoid?
We encourage pregnant women to eat deep sea fishes that are high in Omega 3 and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) like tuna, mackerel, herring and sardine. If you're taking tuna and sardine, it's better to go for the fresh fish rather than the canned version. You are encouraged to take three servings a week.

There isn't any fish that we say they really cannot eat.
There has been some controversy about deep sea fishes which are said to be high in mercury content. However, until now this is not conclusive. Doctors still encourage everyone to take deep sea fishes.

Is it okay to take preserved fruits for nausea?
Don't have preserved fruits as they are high in sodium and sugar.

Is it okay to take spicy food?
There is some data to suggest that spicy food can induce delivery but this is still not conclusive.

There is also data that suggests certain ingredients in spicy food helps digestion. So, spicy food is okay to take but what are you cooking it with? If you're adding a lot of coconut milk then it's not healthy. So, watch what you have it with or how it is prepared, as well.

Any additional advice for pregnant women?
If they are worried about anything, they should consult the doctor and find out what they can and cannot do. After delivery you should continue eating healthy food because this is when you are healing your wounds. It's a time when you have to heal after losing a lot of blood. If you are breastfeeding you should continue living a healthy lifestyle and eating well. Nutrients from what you eat gets transferred to the breastmilk. So, do be very careful of what you eat when you're breastfeeding.

26 October 2010

Maha Lembab betul!!!

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Salam readers,

hari ni mamaG bercuti kerana demam dan migrain, jadiknya dok umah jer la kan, rehat-rehat gitu. Konon-kononnya boleh la melawat blog kawan-kawan kan, tapi ya Allah, memang bengan betul lah. ni yang mamaG geram ni, dia dah wat hal dah. Buat perabih duit mamaG jer bayar mahal-mahal, pakai yang paling laju gitu, tapi ya Allah, ye jugak MAHA LEMBAB! Ntah kenapa hari ni, dia lembab sangat. Line bz kut.

Tau tak apa yang lembabnya tuh? hah, apa lagi internet lar.. rasanya kawan-kawan lain pun hadapi masalah yang sama kut. sebab sorang kawan mamaG kat facebook pun tulis status dia pasal internet yang lembab nih.. Bikin panas jer, dah bertambah-tambah la pulak sakit kepala mamaG dibuatnya.. Takpa, sib baik mamaG ada application yang boleh mamaG taip entry, nanti-nanti baru la mamaG post kan ke dalam blog bila line dah ok.


::Info Mama:: Fakta Tentang Air Ketuban

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    Air Ketuban berasal daripada cecair rembesan kulit bayi dan produk air kencing bayi dan ia mencerminkan sistem kumbahan dan fungsi buah pinggang dan gastrausus bayi sendiri. Cecair tersebut yang mengelilingi bayi dalam kandungan ibu.

    Air kencing yang dihasilkan pleh bayi menunjukkan fungsi buah pinggang kerana bayi menelan semula air kencingnya, jadi ia bermakna fungsi buah pinggang dan gastrausu adalah normal.

    Jika air ketuban kurang, ia menunjukkan bayi tidak menghasilkan air kencing yang cukup, bermakna fungsi buah pinggannya terjejas dan sekiranya tidak berfungsi dengan betul, ia membawa maksud berlaku congenital abnormalities.

    Sekiranya air ketuban kurang, saiz perut ibu pun lebih kecil kerana ia kering. Perut ibu yang kecil juga disebabkan air ketuban pecah awal atau bersalin pra-matang walaupun saiz bayi adalah normal. Dalam kes ini, doktor akan menyuruh ibu melahirkan bayi sebab ia membawa risiko pada bayi sama ada kematian, kecacatan atau dijangkiti kuman.

25 October 2010

Amaran pd Kaum Hawa

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Copy and paste for our reminder.

Subject:Amaran pada Kaum Wanita dan kepada sumer kaum perempuan yang memandu, Kes ni betul2 menakutkan.

Kesah ini  betul2 terjadi kat Penang
Ingat lagi tak dgn kes Ms Canny Ong yang dirogol dan dibunuh??
Kisah nya..ada seorang perempuan ni berhenti dekat stesen gas "pay-at-the-pump" untuk isi minyak..sebaik saja dia siap isi minyak tu dan nak beredar,seorang pekerja kat situ buat pngumuman yang kad kredit perempuan ni ada problem sikit..pekerja tu suruh perempuan ni masuk ke dalam untuk bayar..tapi perempuan ni confused la sebab transaksi menunjukkan yang pembayaran kad kredit dia diluluskan dan tak ada masaalah apa2 pun.. so perempuan tu bagitau la pekerja tu dan dia pun bersedia nak beredar ke kereta dia balik..tapi pekerja tu tetap bertegas dan suruh dia masuk dalam..perempuan tu pun decided untuk masuk ke dalam...sebaik aje dia masuk kat dalam..dia mula marah kat pekerja tu..
lalu pekerja tu suruh dia bertenang dan bagitau hal sebenarnya.. .nak tau apa?
sebenarnya masa perempuan tu dok isi minyak,pekerja tu nampak ada laki menyelinap kat belakang kereta perempuan tu dan pekerja tu dah pun telepon polis..
perempuan tu pun apalagi, takut la..dia pun try intai dan dia nampak pintu kereta dia terbuka dan lelaki tu keluar dari kereta dia..
Sekarang ni..ada laporan yg mengatakan yg sekang ni ada gang yang amik body part orang pompuan..salah satu cara diorang adalah dgn menyelinap masuk kereta ornag perempuan masa perempuan tu tengah pump gas atau beli barang kat kedai TGH2 MLAM!!
kemudian,dia orang akan potong kaki perempuan tu untuk memudahkan diorang culik dan bunuh perempuan tu..
satu cara lagi pulak,dia orang akan masuk kedalam kereta yg tak ada orang dan tak berkunci  kemudian culik perempuan tu dan bunuh dia orang.</span>
<span>Semalam pun ada Crime Investigation di Astro menceritakan kes yg sama di Hong Kong . Tapi perlakunya adalah pemandu teksi yang mengambil penumpang perempuan selepas lepas tengan malam. Memang ngeri.
Sila panjangkan email ini pada sesiapa yg anda kenali.
Bagi kaum perempuan elakkan keluar bersaorangan diwaktu malam.

p/s: Adoiyai! Dunia zaman sekarang ni memang dah tak selamat ker?.. apa pemdapat korang? komen sket pasal isu nih..

24 October 2010

::Breastfeeding:: Kolostrum: Cecair Bernilai Emas.

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Thanks to kerana artikel dari blog.


Engkau dah beranak nanti, mesti buang susu awal yang basi tu tau, nanti anak kau pula yang sakit, pesan Halimah kepada anaknya yang bakal melahirkan anak sulung kelak.

“Eh, hari pertama tu kau dah ada susu ke? Aku sampai hari ketiga baru susu keluar. Terpaksalah aku bagi anak aku susu tepung sementara menunggu tu keluh Aina pula kepada rakan karibnya Maryam.

“Kenapa ye, hari kedua bayi aku lahir, aku perah susu tu warna kuning? Bukan susu patut warna putih ke? Elok ke bagi kat bayi aku tu?” Soal Lina bertalu-talu kepada Husna. Risau benar dia.

Sesungguhnya, apa yang dibualkan di atas adalah persoalan-persoalan yang sering diajukan oleh ibu- ibu muda. Malah, terdapat pelbagai lagi mitos yang diutarakan mengenai cecair kuning yang pekat dan melekit ini.

Cecair yang dimaksudkan adalah kolostrum atau susu yang dihasilkan oleh seorang ibu pada lingkungan tiga hari pertama selepas kelahiran bayinya. Kolostrum merupakan cecair yang istimewa dan mempunyai pelbagai khasiat penting, khas untuk bayi yang masih lemah dan baru mengenal dunia ini. Ciptaan hebat dari Yang Maha Kuasa ini mempunyai beberapa kandungan tertentu yang amat berharga dan kandungan tersebut tidak terdapat pada susu matang, apatah lagi pada susu formula.

Apakah sifat -sifat cecair yang amat istimewa ini? Kolostrum ini sebenarnya amat kaya dengan antibodi. Terdapat juga banyak sel hidup di dalamnya sehingga digelar darah putih oleh sesetengah pakar kanak -kanak. Ia juga bersifat laksatif dan dapat memudahkan pembuangan air besar bayi. Ia juga mengandungi pelbagai Faktor Pertumbuhan (Growth Factor) dan ia amat kaya dengan vitamin A.

Apakah pula kepentingan kolostrum ini? Benarkah pandangan warga dahulu kala yang mengatakan kolostrum ini sebagai susu basi? Tidak sama sekali, malah pelbagai kajian telah dilakukan dan kesemua kajian ini bersetuju bahawa kolostrum dapat memberikan perlindungan maksimum kepada bayi dari sebarang jangkitan. Oleh kerana ia juga bersifat laksatif, ia dapat mempercepatkan proses pembuangan mekonium, yang merupakan di antara faktor utama terjadinya jaundis (demam kuning). Kolostrum yang mengandungi banyak Faktor Pertumbuhan ini juga dapat mematangkan usus dan seterusnya dapat mengurangkan risiko alergi. Ia turut dapat mengurangkan kesan penyakit dan kandungan vitamin A yang tinggi mampu mencegah penyakit mata pada bayi. Ini amat bersesuaian sekali dengan firman Allah yang bermaksud:

“Pada kejadian kamu sendiri, serta (pada kejadian) segala binatang melata yang bertebaran, terdapat juga tanda-tanda (yang membuktikan kekuasaan Allah), bagi kaum yang meyakininya.(Al-Jathiyah: 4).

Begitu juga dengan firman Allah swt dalam surah az-Zariyat ayat 20 dan 21 yang bermaksud,

Dan pada bumi ada tanda-tanda (yang membuktikan keesaan dan kekuasaan Allah) bagi orang-orang (yang mahu mencapai pengetahuan) yang yakin. Dan juga pada diri kamu sendiri. Maka mengapa kamu tidak mahu melihat serta memikirkan (dalil-dalil dan bukti itu)?”.

Di antara kandungan terpenting kolostrum adalah sejenis protein yang dinamakan Sekretori Immunoglobulin A (SIgA). Immunoglobulin adalah sejenis protein yang berfungsi sebagai antibodi di dalam badan manusia. Ia digunakan di dalam sistem pertahanan tubuh badan (sistem imuniti) untuk mengenalpasti dan meneutralkan objek asing seperti bakteria dan virus. SIgA adalah sejenis antibodi yang terdapat di dalam kolostrum dengan jumlah yang sangat tinggi. Kira-kira 80-90% daripada immunoglobulin di dalam kolostrum dan susu adalah terdiri daripada jenis SIgA. Kepekatannya boleh meningkat setinggi 12g/L di dalam kolostrum dan serendah 1g/L di dalam susu matang. Sebaliknya, disebabkan proses-proses yang perlu dilakukan ke atas, susu formula tiada langsung mengandungi SIgA.

Seorang bayi yang menyusu susu ibu secara eksklusif akan mendapat kira-kira 125mg/kg/hari SIgA pada umur sebulan, dan lebih kurang 75mg/kg/hari ketika berumur 4 bulan. Walaupun kepekatan SIgA di dalam kolostrum menurun dengan drastiknya dalam masa beberapa hari selepas kelahiran, tetapi dalam pada masa yang sama jumlah susu ibu turut meningkat dengan tingginya. Oleh itu jumlah total SIgA adalah hampir kekal sepertimana di awal kelahiran.

Manakala paras SIgA di dalam susu ibu yang melahirkan bayi pramatang adalah lebih tinggi berbanding dengan susu ibu yang melahirkan bayi matang. Bayi pramatang mempunyai risiko yang lebih tinggi untuk menghidap penyakit-penyakit yang berbahaya seperti Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), sepsis, meningitis dan jangkitan virus. Kandungan antimikrob seperti immunoglobulin yang tinggi di dalam susu pramatang akan membantu untuk melindungi bayi pramatang daripada penyakit- penyakit tersebut.

Para saintis sudah membuktikan bahawa antibodi jenis SIgA dapat melawan pelbagai jenis bakteria, terutamanya bakteria yang berasal dari sistem usus bayi. SIgA adalah sejenis antibodi yang stabil dan berdaya tahan terhadap enzim proteolitik (enzim pemecah protein) di dalam perut, berbanding dengan antibodi jenis lain. Ketika bayi sedang menyusu, antibodi yang terdapat di dalam susu ibu ini akan bergerak masuk ke dalam saluran perut dan usus. Di dalam perjalanan itu, ia akan bergabung dengan mikrob-mikrob yang terdapat pada membran mukosa (sejenis lapisan yang melapisi sistem usus). Dengan itu, ia dapat menghalang mikrob daripada melekat pada sel-sel usus. Proses pelekatan mikrob pada sel usus merupakan langkah pertama untuk berlakunya sebarang jangkitan kepada bayi. Dengan itu, SIgA berfungsi sebagai salah satu sistem pertahanan bayi yang utama untuk melawan jangkitan usus. Maha Suci Allah, ciptaanNya amat hebat dan tidak mampu disaingi oleh mana-mana ciptaan manusia. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang. Firman Allah yang bermaksud:

“Yang telah menciptakan (sekalian makhluk-Nya) serta menyempurnakan kejadiannya.” (Al-A’la : 2)

Kajian - kajian klinikal telah menunjukkan bahawa SIgA yang terdapat di dalam susu ibu mampu untuk melawan kuman seperti Vibrio cholerae (kuman untuk penyakit taun), enterotoksigenik E. coli, Campylobacter, Shigella dan Giardia lamblia. Kuman- kuman tersebut biasanya yang menyebabkan keracunan makanan pada manusia. SIgA mampu melindungi bayi daripada serangan cirit-birit yang disebabkan oleh kuman-kuman tersebut. Begitulah istimewanya SIgA yang hanya terdapat di dalam susu ibu.

Tidak dinafikan juga, susu ibu terutamanya kolostrum merupakan immunisasi pertama & terpenting bagi setiap bayi. Ketika bayi masih di dalam rahim ibu, dunia bayi adalah dunia yang selamat, bersih dan tidak tercemar oleh sebarang kuman mahupun jangkitan. Ini kerana rahim ibu memberikan perlindungan sepenuhnya kepada bayi yang masih lemah. Rahim ibu bolehlah dianggap sebagai kawasan vakum yang tidak boleh dilolos oleh sebarang kekotoran. Namun, sebaik sahaja bayi dilahirkan, dunia kecilnya yang selamat itu telah bertukar menjadi sebuah dunia yang amat luas dan penuh dengan pancaroba kuman dan jangkitan.

Allah swt itu Maha Kaya dan Maha Pencipta. Dicipta-Nya kolostrum (susu awal ibu) dengan hikmahnya yang tersendiri. Kolostrum merupakan sumber pertahanan yang terpenting bagi bayi yang baru lahir. Ia mengandungi antibodi dan sel-sel hidup yang mampu menyelamatkan bayi sebelum diberikan imunisasi formal (BCG, DPT, vaksin polio dan lain-lain). Inilah merupakan satu contoh sumber bukan nutrisi yang hanya terdapat di dalam susu ibu. Benarlah firman Allah swt yang bermaksud,

Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan manusia dalam bentuk yang sebaik-baiknya (dan berkelengkapan sesuai dengan keadaannya)”. (surah at-tin: 4)

Fisiologi jumlah isipadu kolostrum
Jumlah total kolostrum pada 24 jam pertama selepas lahir adalah sedikit (dipetik dari Riordan, 2005), tetapi sebenarnya jumlah ini sudah mencukupi untuk bayi itu. Secara puratanya hanya 37 ml kolostrum dihasilkan dalam satu hari (24 jam), dengan julat dari 7 hingga 123 ml, bergantung kepada penghasilan pada seseorang ibu tersebut. Jumlah ini semakin bertambah secara beransur- ansur dalam 36 jam pertama dan ia akan bertambah secara mendadak dalam 49-96 jam berikutnya. Pada hari kelima, jumlah isipadu total akan mencapai 500 ml / sehari. Jumlah ini seterusnya semakin meningkat ke 750 ml / sehari dalam selang masa 3 hingga 5 bulan penyusuan secara eksklusif. Apabila bayi mencapai umur 6 bulan, purata pengambilan susu adalah 800 ml / sehari.

Berdasarkan jumlah kolostrum pada 3 hari pertama kelahiran, ramai ibu merasa risau dan berpendapat bahawa susunya tidak mencukupi untuk bayi itu. Tidak ramai yang mengetahui bahawa jumlah yang sedikit (37 ml) itulah sebenarnya yang hanya diperlukan oleh bayi. Itulah sejumlah yang kecil untuk keperluan dan saiz perut yang kecil. Sesungguhnya persoalan susu tidak cukup pada hari – hari pertama kelahiran adalah tidak wajar diutarakan. Jika ibu itu mengharapkan susunya mengalir mencurah-curah sehingga 500ml pada hari pertama, memanglah mustahil. Ini kerana bayi yang masih kecil itu tidak memerlukan jumlah susu yang banyak pada mulanya. Indah sungguh ciptaan Mu ya Allah. Kau jadikan sesuatu itu cukup berdasarkan keperluannya. Tidak lebih dan tidak kurang. Mengapa masih ramai yang ragu dengan ciptaan-Mu yang satu ini? Sedangkan Kau juga telah berfirman yang maksudnya:

Dan Kami wajibkan manusia berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapanya; ibunya telah mengandungnya dengan menanggung kelemahan demi kelemahan (dari awal mengandung hingga akhir menyusunya), dan tempoh menceraikan susunya ialah dalam masa dua tahun; (dengan yang demikian) bersyukurlah kepadaKu dan kepada kedua ibubapamu; dan (ingatlah), kepada Akulah jua tempat kembali (untuk menerima balasan). (surah Luqman: 14).

Maka yakinlah, jika seseorang ibu itu mampu mengandung dan melahirkan anaknya, maka mengapa pula dia tidak mampu menyusukan anak itu dengan susunya sendiri?

Antara tips-tips yang penting untuk memastikan bayi mendapat kolostrum dengan secukupnya pada hari-hari awal kelahiran adalah dengan meletakkan bayi kepada ibu dengan sentuhan kulit ke kulit sebaik sahaja bayi dilahirkan. Seterusnya, usahakan agar bayi dapat menyusu dengan baik dan melekap dengan betul di payudara. Ini penting agar proses stimulasi dapat berlaku dengan lancar di samping dapat mengeluarkan kolostrum dari payudara dengan efektif. Jika ibu tidak mahir, maka segera dapatkan bantuan dari doktor, bidan ataupun jururawat yang bertugas. Antara tips- tips lain yang tidak kurang pentingnya adalah, sentiasa susukan bayi pada bila-bila masa sahaja yang dia mahu. Biarkan bayi bersama ibu sepanjang masa (rooming in) dan elakkan dari bayi dibiarkan di bilik bayi atau nursery’ ketika berada di hospital. Rooming in amat penting agar ibu sentiasa memantau keadaan bayi dan segera menyusukannya bila bayi menunjukkan tanda-tanda ingin menyusu. Ia juga penting untuk mengelakkan kes jangkitan silang (cross infection) yang mungkin berlaku kepada jika bayi ditinggalkan di bilik bayi. Susukan bayi dengan susu ibu sahaja dan elakkan pemberian air lain seperti air kosong, air teh, air glukos mahupun susu formula. Dengan itu, bayi akan mendapat kebaikan susu ibu sepenuhnya tanpa dicemari oleh alternatif lain.

Sewajarnya setiap ibu haruslah memberikan bayi mereka kolostrum yang sangat berkhasiat itu demi kesihatan dan pertumbuhan bayi yang tercinta. Sesungguhnya kasih ibu sentiasa padu dan salah satu caranya untuk membuktikan kasih itu adalah dengan memberikan nutrisi yang terbaik untuk anak -anak. Dan sesungguhnya, tiada nutrisi lain yang sebaik dan seistimewa susu ibu. Hapuskanlah kerisauan mengenai mitos-mitos yang menyelubungi kolostrum ini kerana sesungguhnya setiap ciptaan yang Allah jadikan itu adalah yang sebaiknya untuk umat manusia.



1. Lars A. Hanson. Immunobiology of Human Milk: How Breastfeeding Protects Babies. Texas: Pharmasoft Publishing, 2004.
2. Riordan J. Breastfeeding and human lactation. Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 2005.
3. Lawrence RA, Lawrence RM. Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession. 6th edition. St Louis, MO: Mosby, 2005.


Dr Nazatul Shiha Bachtiar, MBBS, MMedSci



Sumber: Dr Nazatul Shiha Bachtiar (2009). 1 September.

::Breastfeeding Activity:: Breastfeeding Preparation Class @ 6th Nov. 2010, Moms Little Ones, Seri Kembangan

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Thanks to kerana bagi maklumat melalui website.


Sat, 06 Nov 2010   Breastfeeding Preparation Class - November


Map to Moms Little Ones

Alamat: 25-2, Jln BPP 5/1,Permai Square 1,
Pusat Bandar Putra Permai,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tarikh: 6 November 2010

Perunding Laktasi akan mengendalikan kelas berorientasikan bengkel, khusus untuk bakal ibu dan bapa untuk membuat persedian penyusuan susu ibu.


Acara bermula pada 09:30

Max. no of Places 10 (Sebanyak 5 tempat telah didaftarkan)

Acara tamat pada 6 Nov 2010 12:30


Yuran Penyertaan:
RM110 sepasang bakal ibu dan bapa. Pendaftaran hanya diterima setelah pembayaran dibuat.

Pembayaran boleh dibuat kepada:
Pemegang Akaun: Medulla Solutions
No Akaun: 5624-4180-0835
Bank : Maybank


Sila daftar disini.

1. Program ini boleh dibatalkan atau ditunda jika bilangan peserta tidak mencukupi bergantung kepada budi bicara pihak penganjur. Walau bagaimanapun pihak penganjur akan mencadangkan program alternatif jika program sedia ada terpaksa dibatalkan.

2. Merujuk kepada kekangan di atas, sila pastikan no telefon dan email adalah betul dan boleh dihubungi pada bila-bila masa untuk memastikan peserta boleh dihubungi untuk memaklumkan sebarang perubahan jika ada.

21 October 2010

Kepada Perokok Tegar…

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Don’t let diz happen to our next generation!

Horoskop – Libra’s Today!

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Sep 23-Oct 22

Today's reading (21 October 2010)
Whatever plans, projects or proposals that you have been working on in the last three to five weeks, they are close to showing some tangible evidence of just how far you've come. If you don�t see evidence of this, stick with it, you just need to show a little more tenacity to push them over the winning line. This can also lead to an improvement in your finances.

Info – Vitamin C

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Vitamin C, juga dikenali sebagai asid askorbik. Ianya penting untuk pembentukan dan pengekalan kolagen, iaitu sejenis protein yang mengukuhkan kedudukan sel badan. Ia sangat mustahak untuk tulang dan gigi, untuk pembuluh darah, dan penyembuhan luka. Vitamin C juga membantu dalam proses metabolisma beberapa jenis asid amino dan hormon. Ia juga memiliki kesan antioksida, dengan membantu badan mengeluarkan kumuhan karcinogenik hasil dari proses metabolisma yang digelar sebagai radikal bebas.

Kekurangan Vitamin C boleh menyebabkan:

Kurang daya tahanan
Pendarahan gusi.

Akibat kekurangan Vitamin C boleh menyebabkan pendarahan pada gusi.

Sumber Vitamin C yang baik adalah :
Jambu batu
Buah Sitrus (Limau)
Sayuran berdaun hijau


Sesuai diambil jika:

Cirit birit
Ganguan gastro usus
Pembentukan batu karang (ginjal)
Penambahan asid urik

Tips – Roti Lagi??…

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Salam readers,

mamaG nak wat sequel entry tentang fakta roti la pulak (boleh pulak main sequel-sequel ek! Layankan jer la). Ni mmaG nak tanya ni, korang rasa sihat ker kalau diet hanya dengan roti jer ataupun sebaliknya??? Hah, jawap, jangan tak jawap!


Ekceli, pengambilan roti waktu berdiet sudah dianggap satu pilihan yang popular dikalangan wanita. Tapi, apakah caranya untuk korang benar-benar yakin yang pengambilan roti sebagai ganti nasi tu sesuatu yang memang menyihatkan? (nah, soalan lagi, jawap cepat!). Bukankah kandungan kalori dan juga nilai nutrisinya berbeza dan pentingnya bagi kita semua peka dengan kandungan bahannya.


Okies, kat bawa ni, mamaG share sikit info pasal nilai kalori dalam setiap roti tuh. Jadik sebelum makan tu tengok dulu kandungan kalorinya.


 Roti Putih (1 Keping)

Kalori : 67 kcal

Protein: 2 gram

Karbohidrat : 12 gram

Lemak: 0.9g

Serat : 0.57g


Roti Bijirin Penuh (Setiap sekeping atau sebiji dengan anggaran 100gram)

Kalori : 250 kcal

Protein : 10 gram

Jumlah lemak keseluruhan: 3.8 gram

Karbohidrat: 46.4 gram


Croissant (Nilai untuk setiap 1 dgn anggaran berat 160gram)

Kalori : 523 kcal

Protein : 20.3 gram

Jumlah lemak keseluruhan : 38.2 gram

Karbohidrat : 24.7 gram


Roti Raisin Scones (Nilai untuk setiap 1)

Kalori : 150 kcal

Protein : 12 gram

Jumlah lemak keseluruhan : 6 gram

Karbohidrat : 14 gram





hah, apa lagi kiralah berapap engambilan nutrien korang bila makan roti nanti okies.

Info – 5 Fakta Pasal Roti

Celoteh Aku MamaGlam at 5:03 AM
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Salam readers,


Hah, nak tanya apa yang korang tau pasal roti yang korang makan? Hah, i bet dat u all kebanyakkannya memang tak tau kan, main hentam makan jer kan, lagi roti tu sedap jer kan (macam mamaG jugak, makan jer la!) As we know, ada pelbagai jenis roti dan perisa roti yang dijual kat luar tuh kan, dari yang plain sampailah yang khas untuk orang diabetes pun ada. Kalau macam mamaG ni memang suka sangat makan roti butterscotch gardenia tuh, makan macam tu jer, sooodaaapp! Ok la, ni mamaG nak share info pasal roti yang memang patut kita tau especially untuk orang yang sentiasa menjaga pemakanannya. Jangan main bantai makan jer, okies.


5 Fakta pasal roti yang korang dan mamaG perlu tahu…

Elakkan membeli roti yang diperbuat daripada ‘wheat floor’ (boleh tengok at ingredient label)sebab itu adalah istilah bagi ‘white flour’. Dalam erti kata lain, kandungan bijirin di dalamnya sudah habis diproses. Untuk oti, pastikan korang memilih roti yang diperbuat dari tepung jenis ‘wholewheat’ atau ‘wholemeal’.

Jika korang tidak suka roti berbijirin, korang boleh pilih roti putih dengan tambahan serat. Rasanya masi sama dengan roti putih tetapi setiap keping mengandungi serat yang baik sebagai pelawas.

Anda juga boleh memilih roti yang diperhebatkan lagi rasanya dengan tambahan kekacang atau bijirin (macam mamaG suka roti yang ada coklat dan kismis dan juga butter scotch!) sebab kandungan bahan masih kekal rendah lemak. Bagaimana pun, untuk kekalkan manfaatnya, ELAKKAN menyapu marjerin, keju atau pelbagai jem di atasnya. (Hah makan jer terus macam mamaG)

Istilah ‘wholegrain bread’ harus mempunyai 3 komponen utama sebagai bahannya iaitu bran, bijirin dan serat. Bagi setiap roti yang dikategorikan sebagai ‘wholegrain bread’ perlu mengandungi sekurang-kurangnya 3gram serat bagi setiap keping.

Perhatikan kandungan minyak tambahan di dalam roti yang mampu menambahkan lemak tidak sihat dalam badan kita. Di antara istilah yang selalu digunakan pada label adalah ‘HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OIL’, ‘TRANS FATS’, ‘PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS’ DAN ‘VEGETABLE OIL SHORTENING;.

hah, makanya, bila membeli roti tu ikut pesan Sheila Majid… “Semak label dulu…”

Tips – Stress ker??

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ANDA STREES?? Hah, cubalah buat regangan atau senaran yang boleh membuatkan hari korang lebih sempurna.

Menurut Jo Fasen dari Rehabilitation INstitute of Chicago’s Center for Spine, Sports, and Occupational REhabilitation, menyarankan supaya melakukan regangan otot sepanjang hari. Cara ini adalah untuk melepaskan tekanan dan menjadikan hari korang lebih sempurna. Perfecto!

Jam 7.00 pagi: Menyambut Awal Harimu rainbow

Tundukkan badan korang dengan meluruskan kedua belah tangan selari dengan paha. Arahkan dagu ke dada dan tarik otot perut ke dalam. Tahan posisi ini untuk beberapa minit.  Lepas tu, gerakkan punggun ke belakang dan rasakan otot-otot perut meregang. Korang ulang step ni selama 5 minit.

Jam 10.00 pagi : Tenang Sebelum Bekerja

Duduk di atas kerusi dan luruskan kedua kaki korang ke hadapan seperti membentuk huruf ‘V’. lepas tu, angkat lengan kanan dengan menyentuh letinga kiri secara perlahan-lahan. Ulang step dengan tangan kiri pula. Lepas t, korang lunjurkan pula kedua-dua tangan korang ke belakang dan regangkan jari-jari korang.


Jam 3.00 petang : Elak Rasa Mengantuk

Angkat tangan kanan dan sentuh bahagian belakang kerusi. Lepas tu, duduk dalam keadaan tegak. Tangan kanan pegang telinga kanan dan gerakkan secara perlahan-lahan ke hadapan, dagu dan dada. Korang ulang step ni untuk tangan kiri pula.


Jam 6.00 petang: Berehat Sebelum Pulang

Berdiri dan regangkan kedua-dua kaki sehingga membentuk huruf ‘V’. Lepas tu, tangan kanan menyentuh paha kiri. Ulang step ini juga pada tangan kiri.


Jam 8.00 malam: Tetap Segar Walaupun Kerja Seharian

Berdiri dan regangkan kedua belah kaki. Bengkokkan badan secara perlahan dan kedua belah tangan menyentuh betis kaki sejauh yang korang mampu. Tahan beberapa saat. Awas! Jangan lakukan gerakan ini ketika korang tengah sakit.

Jam 10.00 malam : Lena Tidur Diulit Mimpi

Letakkan tangan kanan di belakang kepala dan silangkan kaki. Bayangkan korang tengah berbaring di atas jam besar dan gunakan tangan kiri sebagai jarum jam dengan mengarah tangan ke jam 9. Perlahan-lahan, gerakkan tangan kiri ke posisi 12. Ketika bergerak le posisi jam 1, luruskan kedua-dua belah kaki. Ulang step ini pada bahagian kiri pula.


Nah, korang cubalah exercise ni. Insya Allah, berhasil… Tapi jangan terburu-buru okies, nnt terseliuh otot la pulak. Bukan kurang stress, malah bertambah stress la pula. Selamat mencuba!

20 October 2010

Tiada Lagi Seri

Celoteh Aku MamaGlam at 10:55 AM
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Salam readers,

Beberapa minggu ni entah kenapa, rasa bosan yang teramat sangat. Hari tu bukan main lagi berkobar-kobar nak masuk keja siap terlambat lagi sampai kat opis. huhuhu, as i said b4, "so not like me!" Dah abis serap semua nutrien-nutrien gosip kat opis ni pun masih rasa bosan lagi.

Biz online untuk baju-baju pun tak start lagi sejak cuti maternity, berenti berehat kejap. mmm, Dah lama jugakla mamaG tak pi butik kawan mamaG tu untuk promote baju-baju kat butik dia yang murah dan cantek-cantek itew... Insya Allah, mamaG pi hujung minggu nih.
Hah, pada yang tak tau lagi tu, ekceli blog mamaG ni pun blog untuk shopping jugak ok. Cumanya, belum update new item lagi. Tapi, boleh la, kalau u all semua nak tengok apa baju-baju yang ada, pi kat kategori/label tu, boleh la pilih tajuk baju, baju chiffon dan lain-lain lagi.. insya Allah, stok baju-baju tu semua ada lagi. Murah jer semua, jom la pi tengok! Kalau berkenan, 'roger-roger' mamaG, okies.

ok la, ekceli bukan pasal ni mamaG nak mengomel, huhuhu.. Nak tau apa yang dah takder seri nya? hah, bukan seri wajah ataupun seri muka tetapi seri kemeriahan laman facebook mamaG nih.. Rasa bosan yang teramat sangat la pula dengan facebook a.k.a FB ni... Yela, yang mamaG perasan kan, FB sekarang ni dah jadi modus untuk berbizniz la pula...

Kalau tengok wall mamaG, fuhh! (fuhh! gaya Awal Ashari gitew)... Penuh la dengan macam-macam barangan untuk di jual. Mak aii, boleh tergoda mak! Tambah-tambah lagi bila tengok album jualan bag dan baju! Tahan hati jer lar!...  Susah jugak kalau jadi Shopaholic ni!

Hari-hari bukak, mende yang sama jer, shopping temptation! OMG Ya Allah! Kadang-kadang tu, mamaG sengaja jer tak bukak FB.. Kadang-kadang tu, bukak kejap jer dalam 10 minit lepas tengok status kawan-kawan, dah, tutup cepat okies! Kang tergoda la pulak tengok barang-barang kat dalam wall tuh.. Rasa macam melambai-lambai jer panggil mamaG. "beli la saya!, beli la saya! murah jer! cantik pulak tu! Sesuai jer ngan baju u..."

So, mamaG tengak dok surf, carik apa lagi laman yang boleh menceriakan hari mamaG nih...

17 October 2010

Penting atau Perlu???

Celoteh Aku MamaGlam at 4:21 PM
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Salam semua,

Entah kenapa la kan, terdetik di hati mamaG ni nak cerita dan membebel pasal entry kali nih. Apa yang penting dalam hidup ini sebenarnya? Ada yang kata, famili la yang paling penting sekali. Tapi kalau famili tu paling penting, kenapa masih ada juga famili yang asyik bergaduh, tidak sefahaman, yang saling berdendam pun ada sedang adik-beradik lagi tuh.

Ada juga yang kata duit tu lagi penting. Dengan duit, apa saya boleh jadi, apa saya boleh dimilik, dan dengan duit juga kita buat apa saja. Tapi itu jiga DENGAN duti, macam mana pula dengan KERANA duit?? Apa akan jadik? Kerana duit, apa saya boleh jadi, kerana duit manusia juga boleh berubah, kerana duit manusia binasa, kerana duit jugaklah, persaudaraan terputus, atau paling tidak pun, bermasam muka, betul tak semua?

mamaG memang tidak nafikan kepentingan dan keperluan duit dalam kehidupan harian kita, tambah lagi kita hidup di zaman sekarang ni. Tetapi bagi mamaG, duit hanyalah satu bentuk keperluan bukannya kepentingan. Bagi mamaG, famili adalah satu keperluan dan kepentingan bagi kita semua. Dengan duit, KERANA duit, kita akan jadi mudah lupa, tamak, kedekut dan jadi lebih pentingkan diri bukan saja pada orang lain, malah pada keluarga sendiri... Tapi dengan famili, KERANA famili, di mana kita sekarang? Apa yang famili telah lakukan untuk kita jadi kita sekarang ni. Tapi KERANA duit sebenarnya yang wat famili jadi bercerai berai, bermusuhan.

mamaG geram betul dengan seorang hamba Allah ni. mamaG memang tahu, yang dia ada rumah yang bersar, kereta yang mahal dan pendidikan yang sangat tinggi. Malah, selama ini dia lah yang menjadi pendorong dan pencari nafkah untuk adik-adik yang lain sehingga kesemuanya berjaya ke menara gading. Kesemua adik-adiknya begitu menghormati dan ikut saja katanya dek kerana rasa terhutang budi dengan pengorbanannya... Tapi tu la, bagi mamaG itu bukan alasan untuk dia sentiasa memandang rendah kebolehan dan kemampuan adik-adik yang lain yang setakat ini masih lagi kurang mampu untuk menyainginya (maksud mamaG dari segi kemapuan memiliki kerjaya, rumah, pendidikan dan kereta)... itu semuakan hanyalah material. Suatu keperluan untuk memiliki sesuatu...

Jangan dek kerana terlalu kaya dan mempunyai taraf IQ yang terlalu tinggi, adik-adik semua dipandang rendah. Jangan dek kerana c adik pernah meminjam duit daripada emaknya, maka itu dijadikan alasan untuk menghalang c adik berkahwin dengan orang yang tidak disukai, walaupun di mulut kata setuju... Bukankah hipokrit namanya.. Lagi yang wat mamaG tergeleng-geleng (bukan sebag tak nka ker apa) sebab tak tau dah nak kata apa, bila c adik cuba menjernihkan keadaan dengan cuba untuk melangsaikan hutang yang dipinjam pada emaknya (siap nak pinjam ngan bank lagi demi tak nak gaduh ngan c kakak), tapi guest wat?.. c kakak macam nak perbesar-besarkan lagi masalah yang bagi mamaG isunya cuma duit yang c adik bukannya tak mampu nak bayar. Bila c adik nak bayar duit yang dipinjam, c kakak pula wat dunno. Apa kes? (pinjam ayat c aweng mama glam!)

mamaG hairan la, kenapa ya orang yang berpelajaran tinggi daripada mamaG dan sewaktu dengannya ni, berfikiran dan bertindak seolah-olah tiada pendidikan. Suka sangat memperbesarkan dan merumitkan lagi masalah yang kecik dan sememangnya terang-terangan boleh diselesaikan terus. 

Korang semua mesti pelik kan, pesal la orang lain yang bergaduh, mamaG pula yang sakit jiwa ek.. huhuhu.. ntah la, bukan apa, mamaG memang tak boleh betul dengar cerita mcm ni. Kalau melibatkan keluarga, lagi la mamaG tak boleh nak duduk diam.. mamaG jenis yang tak suka tengok ahli famili bermasam muka atau salah faham... mamaG la orang pertama yang dok sibuk nak selesaikan masalh dorang.. bukan menyibuk tapi mengambil berat... Dengan kawan-kawan pun mamaG wat macam tu jugak.. 

mmm, ni la kan lumrah hidup manusia, macam-macam ragam ada, macam astro gitu. Apa-apa pun terpulang pada individu nak mengklasifikasikan duit  dan famili tu keperluan atau kepentingan, atau kedua-duanya sekali. Bagi mamaG, famili itu penting dan perlu, duit pula perlu dalam kehidupan kita. Famili sentiasa ada tak kira kita ni senang ker susah, miskin ke kaya. Famili tak pernah wat kita jadi lupa diri kan, jadi tamak dan sewaktu dengannya. Malah famili juga yang selalu bagi sokongan dan dorongan supaya kita ni jadi orang yang berguna, bukan ja pada diri sendiri, famili, orang sekeliling, malah juga pada negara dan agama kan. Tapi duit lain, kalau kita ni tak dapat kawal diri, boleh jadi gila juga kerana duit.

So, jagalah famili anda dengan baik, dan gunalah duit yang ada untuk memenuhi keperluan famili anda supaya sentiasa gembira dan bahagia selalu... Kita tak bawa duit bila mati nanti TAPI kita PERLUKAN duit bila kita mati nanti (untuk uruskan hal jenazah la, apa lagi!). 

p/s: baik hidup sederhana kan. Kepala tak pening, keluarga bahagia, Peace no fight!

Luv ya!

Bengang dengan Pemaju yang Bangang!

Celoteh Aku MamaGlam at 2:59 PM
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Ya Allah, Bengang betul dengan Pemaju di Apartment mamaG tinggal nih.. Sengal pon ada.. Bikin panas hati jer.. Macam ni punya pemaju pun ada ker?.. Ni la kan akibatnya kalau tinggal apartment, tambah lagi dapat pemaju yang bangang macam tuh. Panas hati mamaG ni.

Nak dijadikan cerita, isunya pasal air la.. biasalah kan sesetengah apartment tu, kena bayar maintainance ngan air, tak direct tru' SYABAS. Bulan-bulan mamaG dan hubby berdisiplin membayarnya. Tapi kadang-kadang tu lupa juga nak bayar. Alah bil air bukannya banyak mana pon. 1 minugu sekali jer basuh baju, tu pun takat 2 trip jer. Kalau tetunggak pon bil air, takdernyer sampai nak berpuluh-puluh henggit la..

Yang mamaG dan seantero blok apartment mengamuk dan panas hati ni, hari jumaat hari tum pas mamaG balik dari keja, mamaG dapat tau dari pengasuh mamaG masa nak amik anak, katanya SYABAS dah block meter air utama kat apartment ni. SYABAS  kata sebab pemaju tak bayar bil air. OMG Ya Allah, abis kemana pi semua wit yang kami semua bayar tiap-tiap bulan tuh? Yang susah sekarang ni sapa? kami jugak kan.. Teruk betul pemaju ni. Dengar-dengar juga (Cewah kalau bab gosip cepat jer mamaG ni kan, ahaks!), pemaju tu hutang SYABAS RM16k untuk bil air di blok apartment kami..

Aduh, lagi la menambahkan kebengangan kami semua... Mulalah syaitan-syaitan menjalankan tugas dorang ni cuba nak memujuk kami semua memberontak.. hahaha, guest wat? hah, berhasil juga setan-setan tu semua menghasut kami semua wat rusuhan kecil kat opis management apartment tuh.. Tapi mamaG tak ikut sekali lar, duk tengok dari balkoni jer...

Bengang tak bengang, hah hambik ko, 2 hari tadak air.. semalam tak mandi mamaG, huhuhu.. bukan apa, dahulu kan anak mandi, kang rimas dan beruam la pulak badan anak-anak nanti. Demi anak-anak mamaG sanggup tahan rimas dan panas tak mandi, huhuhu...

Tapi alhamdulillah, pagi ni ada la air skit tapi tu pun kotor bukan main lagi.. mula-mula tu mamaG pelik juga mana datang air-air ni.. Yala, nak pi bayar hutang kat SYABAS, opis SYABAS kan tutup ujung minggu gini... Rupa-rupanya, hubby mamaG gtau (hah, gosip lagi!), pemaju tu pi bukak pili bomba kat blok apartment ni then sambung pi tangki utama, nak bagi penuh tangki utama yang dah kering tuh.. Gila!.. Kalau bomba tau, habis la.. mesti dorang saman pemaju ni kan...

Yang tak berapa lucu tu, hubby mamaG cakap, pemaju tu siap mintak wit RM10 lagi pada setiap penghuni kat blok ni kalau nak air dari pili bomba tuh.. hahaha, kan ke bangang dan tak bertanggungjawap namanya... mamaG nasihatkan hubby, jangan bagi wit, dok ikut cakap pemaju tuh.. mamaG lagi rela pi beli air RM0.20/liter kat kedai mamak tu hah daripada berkomplot kan...

Tapi apa-apa pun, mana pi hak kami yang membayar ni kan? Kenapa la ada pemaju yang macam ni.. Ni taktau la esok-esok ada tak air. Kang ada jugak yang pi kerja tak mandi, hahahaha... Sabar jelah... (Tompang jer la mandi kat opis kan, kan kan)...
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