19 August 2011

Android Game ~ Vegetable Panic 1.0.1

Celoteh Aku MamaGlam at 10:26 AM
Cerita ni: 
Salam semua,

Okeh, kali ni mamaG nak kongsi software Android la pula. Khas untuk user Android phone ataupun tablet Android. All free.

So, utk 1st entry pasal Android stuff ni, mamaG nak bagi korang software game la.. Nanti korang klik jer la untuk download n install dalam henpon korang, okies.


Current Version:1.0.1
Requires Android:2.0.1 and up
V1.0.1 update:

Play in various seasons of the year!
・A Casual game where one can play simply by intuition.
・Surprises around every corner, discover vegetable types by growing them up!
・Once the baby veggie is grown, it doesn’t need any more sun to grow. Slide it to the side!
・The vegetables chat when gathering them!
・Now, between the four seasons there are a total of 48 stages, with more updates to come!

Setakat ni mamaG tak main lagi la game ni, tapi macam best jer tengok. So, korang boleh download  kat sini. Enjoy the fun!

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