15 November 2012

Astro On The Go Apps - Go Baby Go!

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Cerita ni: 
Satu lagi innovative apps dari Astro sendiri. Astro On The Go. Tiada lagi la alasan tak dapat tengok Astro kan. Kat memane pon boleh, janji ada device dan internet/wifi.

sebelum ni mamaG install kat ipad 2 mamaG, so far ok la. Tapi sebelum boleh tengok kat device, dia ada cara dia. lepas install, korang kene pi website AStro tu, the daftar userID dulu. lepas tu ikut la apa-apa diap unya instruction kat website tu nanti. O yah, please ek, nanti time daftar tu, dia required no siri kat Astro korang tau. Ala kat yang dok cucuk dalam decoder AStro tu. Hah yang tu la, kat belakangk ad tu kan ada nombor yang panjang macam nombor akaun tu kan (memang nombor akaun pun)... yang dekat ngan bar code tu la.

Bukan apa, lain orang, lain pakej yang diambil kan, ada yang pakej famili yg murah tu jer, pakej HD la, watsoever la kan. So, AStro On The Go ni pun, tak semua channel kite leh tgk pun.. Kita cuma boleh tgk channel ikut apa pakej kita amik kat umah tu ha.. Ok la kan.. mamaG dah try dah, ok la. memang boleh tgk la channel mamaGtuh..

So tunggu apa lagi, pi la install dan daftar userID dan kad Astro korang. Bosan-bosan tu, boleh la tgk Astro kat mana-mana. Yang penting ada internet/wifi.. Kalau tadak, korang tengok je la tablet tu gitu.. hehehehe

Korang boleh install apps tu kat sini.

Diskripsi pasal Apps Astro On The Go daripada Developer:

* To use this service please create an Astro ID (username) by visiting

* After creating your account please link your Astro ID (username) to your decoder Smart Card by selecting Link Account on Linking your decoder Smart Card will grant you access to all 19 Live TV Channels consisting of:

Astro AEC
Astro Awani
Astro Bella
Astro Ria Plus
Astro Shuang Xing
Astro Hua He Dai
Astro TVIQ
Astro Warna
Astro Xiao Tai Yang
Astro Oasis
Asian Food Channel (AFC)
Animal Planet
Disney Channel
Disney Junior
Disney XD
Discovery Channel
One HD

Astro On-The-Go is the latest innovative service for Astro TV customers that brings you non-stop entertainment across multiple devices anytime, anywhere. This service provides access to a wide range of selected programmes that you can enjoy on your PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Astro On-The-Go comprises of five main features: 

i.TV Channels – Watch selected local and international channels LIVE, including learning, news and entertainment. 

ii.Video-on-Demand (VOD) – Watch selected titles from our Astro First and B.yond VOD library through the web, smart phone or tablet. 

iii.Catch Up TV – You never have to miss your favourite shows again as Astro On-The-Go gives you access to videos from previously aired programmes from your existing TV subscription package. 

iv.LIVE events – Be part of the experience and catch selected LIVE events from your devices, regardless of where you are. 

v. Radio - Pump up the volume to Malaysia’s hottest radio stations including Hitz FM, Era FM, MY FM, Mix FM, Lite FM, Sinar FM, THR Gegar and THR Raaga. 

If you're not an Astro TV customer you will still be able to enjoy Radio channel and selected Video-on-Demand titles for free. Just visit to create an Astro ID (username) without linking it to an Astro decoder Smart Card.


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