28 September 2013

Tired Of Sadness

Celoteh Aku MamaGlam at 11:27 PM
Cerita ni: 

M tired of sadness. This is hard. It's keep on going. Sadness that against the happiness.

I use to make others happy, laught and inspired the to seek happiness n live like there's no tommorow. See others smile make me feel healed from my scars that hurt me much in my past.

It's not that i cant let go my past. It's just that i cant forget what i've been through. Even i try harder to forget it. Wash away and flush away those bad memories i had before. But i couldn't.

Emotionally hurt. A Deep scar that hard to heal.

I dont think i can endure the sadness anymore like before. I dont think i've strength to overcome it anymore.

I hate this feeling.

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